Presentation ERASMUS+ Project PACE OF HEALTH

Erasmus+ Programme- Strategic Partnership Project Nr: 2019-1-R001-KA204-063719

Presentation ERASMUS+ Project PACE OF HEALTH

Strategic Partnerships
Key Action 2 Sector: Adult Education 
PROJECT NUMBER 2019-1-RO01-KA204-063719


ERASMUS PROJECT +     2019-2021

The Erasmus + project:“ParenthoodAwarenessbefore Conception to EnhanceOffspringHealth – E-learning AddressingLifestyle to Transform Habits”– PACE OF HEALTH started in August 2019 by a consortium of 7 partners and coordinated by the Prenatal Education Association of Romania, whichwasjoined by 4 similar associations fromGreece, Cyprus, Belgium and Latvia. These 5 associations are members of OMAEP. The other 2 partners are the University for Foreigners of Perugia, as well as a Romanian partner – the Romtens Foundation.

There are several outputs that will be produced as part of the project:

  • The OMAEDU platform: which will host:
  1. 8 e-learning modules for prospective parents, teenagers and professionals with the following TOPICS :N.E.S.T. IN R.E.S.T.
  2. Nutrition
  3. Emotional and mental health
  4. Substance use and Tobbaco – to avoid
  5. INherited conditions and Environmentalfactors
  6. RElationship
  7. STI (Stay away from STI)
  8. Trauma (violence prevention)

and the 8-th subject: A human rights-based approach to the 7 Topics above

  1. 7 animation videos one for each topic

III. Interactive educational game (goose game) for teenagers and future parents

  1. Toolbox for communityeducators
  • An Android application, which can be downloaded free of charge on Google Play and has two parts:
  1. weekly messages received by subscribersto stimulate the health behavior of future parents
  2. Data base with professionals/servicies for future parents concerning all topics in all countries (Each partner provide the information nedded for all 7 topics).

Access to all PACE OF HEALTH project products will be free of charge, with just one click and online registration on the  platform.

We look forward to seeing you there!




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